Helene, Gyrfalcon

This Gyrfalcon is a bird that breeds in the arctic tundra.  It is one of the largest falcons.  They primarily hunt birds in open country, sometimes flying high and attacking from above, but more often approaching fast and low, hugging ground contours. They often perch on the ground.  This bird came to WOW in 2018.  She is named after a dear friend and colleague, Helene Van Doninck, a raptor rehabilitator, who passed in 2018.

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More about the Gyrfalcon

The Gyrfalcon was found 4 years ago with a fractured radius that was surgically pinned but the joint was adversely affected.  The elbow fused so the bird is not able to fly.  The birds migrate as far south as Oklahoma.  If we are lucky, we may see one pass through our area.  Rebecca was very happy to have the opportunity to work with this bird.  For now, it is enjoying life at the WOW spa, loving all of the free meals and adjusting well inside a large enclosure with beautiful views.  We hope this falcon will be able to become part of the WOW Ambassador Educator program but it will take a lot of work to accomplish that goal.