Eoin (pronounced Owen) is our young Great Horned Owl who was hatched in the spring of 2009 and orphaned at an early age. As a young baby she, and two other orphaned owlets, were being fostered by our resident Great Horned Owl parents, Sage and Eddie. Shortly after Eoin’s eyes opened, she sustained an injury to her right leg. We think that she was accidentally stepped on by one of the other owls and the long bone in her leg was fractured.

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More about Eoin

It was necessary to remove Eoin from her foster family and get her immediate medical attention. Her injury required continual splinting and re-splinting of his leg as well as intensive physical therapy to correct some muscular contractions. Because of some long term problems with that leg, Eoin could not be released back into the wild. Her leg is now very strong and she uses it quite normally to hold onto her food and grab a perch during landings.

Eoin is fed a rodent diet supplemented with quail, chicken, fish and live crickets at Wings of Wonder. She is a curious girl who enjoys her stuffed animals, branches, pinecones, knotted rags and shredding apart old phone books