Gilda is a little gray Eastern Screech Owl. In 2004 she was hit by a car in downtown Honor, Michigan. She sustained a severe head injury which resulted in permanent damage to one of her eyes and to one of her ears. Because Screech Owls rely primarily on their hearing to find their prey, Gilda’s permanent disabilities prevent her from ever being released back into the wild.

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More about Gilda

Gilda shares her space with her partner Arlo, a little red Screech Owl. They are a devoted and bonded pair and most often are seen perched side by side. Besides being an amabassador raptor here at the Center, Gilda also works as a foster parent to orphaned baby Screech Owls. With help from Arlo, together they nurture the babies and teach them how to hunt live prey and to talk Screech Owl language. These orphaned owlets grow up wild and strong are are able to be released back into the forest. She easily wows the crowds with her cute looks and snappy personality.

Gilda will spend the rest of her life at Wings of Wonder working as one of our ambassador birds while we pamper and spoil her.