Jaeda is a female American Kestrel who was hatched in 2007 in Ann Arbor Michigan. While she was still a very young nestling she fell out of the cavity nest and hit the ground about 60 feet below. The fall broke 2 bones in her right wing between her elbow and her wrist.

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More about Jaeda

After her fall, Jaeda’s parents took care of her on the ground but unfortunately the bones did not heal in alignment and she was left with a noticeable wing droop and a permanent flight disability. She is not able to fly fast and strong which are necessary conditions for survival out in the wild. Jaeda was transferred to Wings of Wonder from the River Raisin Raptor Center in Manchester, Michigan where most of her rehabilitation work was done. She will live out the rest of her life at Wings of Wonder as one of our special ambassador birds and may also provide foster care to any in-coming orphaned baby American Kestrels admitted to Wings of Wonder.

Jaeda seems to enjoy traveling to our many educational presentations. She prefers to ride on the head rest of the passenger seat as we travel, looking out the windows and watching the world go by at a fast clip. At Wings of Wonder, Jaeda is fed a diet of mice and day old chicks, bites of quail meat and live crickets. She has a delightful and inquisitive personality that easily charms our many audience members.