Pi is representative of a little 7-inch Saw Whet Owl, the smallest species of owl native to Michigan. She was hatched and admitted to Wings of Wonder in August 2016 – a rough start to her first year.   She was hit by a car and the collision caused damage to her lefteye.  We were hoping it was a mild corneal abrasion but, as the eye healed, the extensive damage to the retina was revealed.  Thanks to intensive research and a chance encounter with Rebecca’s flashlight, it was discovered in 2018 that the scar tissue in her eye abated and vision was restored.  This earned Pi the right to fly free.  She was released on premise at WOW and given the opportunity of free food and shelter as long as she needed.  We heard her song for 2 nights but then she moved on with her new wild life.  Supporting Pi helps all Saw Whet Owls that come our way.

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More about Pi

Pi lived a safe and pampered life at Wings of Wonder and was fed primarily a diet of small mice supplemented with live crickets. She was a great ambassador bird who enjoyed staring down our audience members during education programs.  She helped spread the word about the importance of habitat conservation and building nest boxes for these small owls.