Raptor Rehabilitation

Wings of Wonder is licensed by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and the US Fish and Wildlife Service to admit injured, sick and orphaned raptors. These birds come from a variety of sources: DNR, local veterinary clinic referrals, 911 calls, the National Park Service, and folks who have found injured birds.

Our primary goal is to release healthy and fully conditioned raptors back into the wild. The center currently has 9 area veterinary hospitals providing medical services and resources when needed in the treatment of injured raptors. These resources include radiology, surgery, euthanasia, medications, laboratory tests, orthopedics, etc. Most raptors admitted to Wings of Wonder are seen by a tending veterinarian within 48 hours of their arrival.

All pre and post intensive rehabilitation work is done on site in the Wings of Wonder hospital. As raptor patients become healthier and stronger they are moved outdoors into our conditioning and pre-release flight enclosures. The enclosures vary in size and include the smallest at 8 ft x 10 ft. all the way up to our largest which is 100 ft x 16 ft. Currently Wings of Wonder is one of only three facilities in the state of Michigan with a 100 foot or larger flight training/conditioning enclosure. The aviary is big enough to aerobically condition large bald eagles and turkey vultures prior to their release.

Wings of Wonder historically admits from 25 -72 raptors each year. Because of limited housing for the raptors and the significant cost of rehabilitation, we do a critical evaluation for each and every new in-coming patient. With 18 years of experience, we have learned which cases are likely to result in success. This initial triage for every patient assures an efficient and cost-effective protocol for our rehabilitation program. We are extremely blessed to have so many wonderfully talented veterinarians offering their expert services. Most of these vets are willing to do an unexpected emergency surgery during their lunch breaks or after hours, and their generosity contributes greatly to our success.